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About Enfini

We are the Leader in the Civil Construction & Engineering

ENFINI INFRA is a leader in Civil Construction & Engineering committed to world class quality, superior customer support and outstanding values. ENFINI INFRA has been undertaking and executing civil construction contracts successfully. We here at ENFINI INFRA value excellence and strive to achieve it on all our civil contracts. We have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality construction on schedule.

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Spanning the Entire Construction Industry Value Chain

Being attentive to customers enables ENFINI Construction to establish relationships of trust with them. The group covers the entire construction industry value chain.

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Based on our values

Our Code of Conduct is based on ENFINI’s values, and those values are more than mere words – they are how we strive to live every day. They set the expectation for conducting our business in responsible and sustainable ways, enabling us to be a trusted partner to our customers. ENFINI’s Code of Conduct is key to bringing our values to life.

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Our services

ENFINI is an End-to-End building services provider with a full suite of flexible services across the building life cycle, ENFINI can offer value for every market and client. Learn more below about Katerra's service models spanning Ground-Up New Build and Renovations.


We provide end-to-end services, including fully-integrated delivery of building projects, including design, materials, procurement, manufacturing, and construction.

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ENFINI also provides fully-integrated renovations services for multifamily market rates, affordable, commercial and retail markets.

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Our Projects

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  • Balachandra

    Mr. K. Balachandar holds a MBA Degree in Finance from a Madras University has extensive 18 years of experience in construction Industry. Approximately 20 lakh Sq.Ft of Construction Activities are handled from a very reputed organisation. Balachandar’s philosophy of having customer needs first and focusing on invovations in smart Construction will take the company to significantly greater heights



  • Diwakar

    Mr.Diwakar with a Master’s Degree from Australia, has a keen mind and an even keener insight into the inner workings and the obscure technicalities of latest innovations in construction methodologies.



  • harsha

    Mr. Harsha Kancharla with a Master’s Degree from SwinBurne University, Australia, He is a man of etiquette with a zeal and passion for Construction & Civil Engineering.




happy clients

Since we began working with Enfini, our relationship has been built on trust. We count on their honesty, integrity and expertise. After so many successful projects, they still exceed our expectations, without question.


" ENFINI isone of the best contractors we've worked with. The team thoughtfully delivered a project of exceptional quality while staying on schedule and budget. We hope to work with ENFINI again in the near future!"



“Thank you all of your hard work. I really don’t know how ENFINI did it, but it all came together very well in the end. I know we are a unique bunch and wanted things in a particular way, but you guys did such an amazing job”


"I would like to thank deeply to all that made this project complete. It was one of the shortest time framed projects and could not have pulled it off without all the team work and dedication to this project that was provided by ENFINI."

Ganga Sweets & Ooty Vegetables

Thank you for an wonderful job, quick and efficient work throughout the entire process. Keep up the high standard.

Mr. Brahmanandam

Tirumala Dairy